Send a Coffee or Pastries to Local Healthcare Professions!

Lend a hand and purchase coffee, pastries and snacks for a Seattle healthcare professional and their staff that will be delivered to our local hospitals and care centers. This donation is not only encouraging and energizing our healthcare workers, but also help support a small business cafe maintain revenue during this time. 

We are extremely passionate about coffee, healthy food, and the culture it creates. Our mission is to be a place where coffee and delicious healthy food take center stage. We are committed to excellence in the way we do business and look for ways to exceed customers' expectations by emphasizing quality.

Our Mission


How many ways can you spell bliss? Café Con Todo, in Seattle's vibrant Fremont neighborhood, is the perfect place to go if you want to read, study, do work on your laptop, or socialize with friends and family. There's plenty of open seating, free WiFi, comfy and cozy hammocks, as well as a private event space to rent out. 


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At Café Con Todo we understand that food is our fuel source and nourishment for a healthier mind and body. We are committed to serving the freshest ingredients and offer healthy foods and drinks that are nourishing, delicious, and unique. 


Café Con Todo is a place that radiates fun, creativity, and artistic flair by hosting unique events including music performances by local artists, open mics, fun workshops, hobbyist get-togethers, and more.  We'd love to see you at our next event!

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